the journey

The way was rough, The travel hindered,

The mountains treacherous, The Caverns dark,

At every turn it seemed there were insurmountable


You reached up, You set your gaze on Jesus the Christ,

Your heart leaped with joy, The way cleared,

Though rough terrain was still before you,

It seemed within the roughness of the terrain a new path

              was set, one for you alone smooth and clearly marked.

Your heart took flight, It soared and increased in measure of


You chose the way of faith and hope, Of trust and peace,

Of Joy that overcomes.  Ride on in Victory and don't look

               back, the best lies before you,

Where Hope abounds, joy increases, where joy increases

               strength is found sure, Let the love of Christ rule

               you causing you (in Christ) to rule over the

               circumstances of life.

Choose wisely whom you will serve.

-- Barbara's thoughts for life

The tough choice

The moment you stepped in the way (the way that you should go) it seemed a joy and hope surged through your veins.  Time kept ticking onward, life continued in its course, but now you had a source from which to draw.  The source of life, Jesus, was there for you each day, drawing you higher, teaching you His ways.  Your thoughts became entwined with His thoughts and became stable, unwavering and reassured.  Peace that caused your heart to rest in the storms of life filled your being with joy in the midst of trials.  There is a resting place where this is found, in Christ Jesus alone.  If this isn't you let me encourage your heart today that it can be and there is help here for you.  We long to see you whole as Christ has intended.  Be encouraged you don't need to stay stuck, you don't need to keep traveling around that same mountain, there are more mountains for you to conquer and you can do that with Joy!


The eyes of the Lord are on  you.  He sees you and delights in the one He has created.  His heart beats with love only for you His child, His loved one.  His mercy like living water washes over our souls to sooth, to restore, to bring His perfect peace.  Release all of your cares, release all of your pain, release all of your troubles and be strengthened in Him who cares for your soul.