A WoRd in Due Season

Vision and Dream

June 20 - June 22, 2021

                                                                                            Christ’s Return

Sitting in the church during worship, Sun. 6/21/2021. The heavenlies opened before me and I was there watching as the clouds rolled back a bit, enough to see what the Lord, God, wanted me to see. Jesus was standing before me. His arms were wide open. I heard the Father, behind Him say, in a thunderous voice, “He’s coming for you soon.” I was overcome with joy to such an extent that tears formed in my eyes.

As the day moved on I kept seeing this and little by little more detail. The detail was quite vivid, once it was totally revealed. An angelic host was behind the cloud portion that had not been revealed initially. The angelic host all had trumpets prepared to sound forth the blast to usher Him in to receive His people. “He’s coming soon.” keeps reverberating in my ear. “He’s coming soon.”  Church be prepared, church be ready, church trim those lamps and do not delay. Church, hear what the Spirit of the Living God is saying to you in this hour. Midnight is about to strike.

                                                                                      Dream 6/22/2021

This morning as I woke, I rose from a dream in which I was singing. It seemed an odd dream, though short it was clear. The song that I was singing was to the tune of “Buffalo Gal (Won’t You Come Out Tonight), only I was singing new words to the same tune. The new version was “Sinner, oh sinner, don’t you come out tonight, don’t you come tonight; at which point I woke still singing. In the dream, I witnessed in the heavens many angels hurling stars and things from the heavenly places upon sinners below to destroy them. It seemed that the angelic host were demonic, actually, they appeared as angels of light but were not of God.

In prayer, I believe the Lord revealed to me a need for sinners to come to Jesus. He wants to protect you. He is calling you to come to Him for divine protection. God is here, and He is ready for you, the time is now, and for those who are living a sinful life, He wants you to know He is calling you. Come and hide under the cleft of the Rock, Jesus. TODAY IS THE DAY TO COME TO JESUS.

The Lord is asking you this day who you will serve. If Him, then commit your life to Him who saves, Jesus Christ. Confess your sins, Come to Jesus, Seek His forgiveness, and give your life to Him. He is the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to Father, God, but by Him.



Success Comes with the Dying

May 29, 2021

In Colossians 2:15 We see that Jesus made a public spectacle of principalities and powers.. How? He disarmed them by being Nailed to the Cross. When we die to self, we too disarm them. Dying to ego, pride, and all manner of evil that lurks within (nailing it to the cross) and binds us, this is your power over the enemy of your soul - through Christ Jesus our Lord. TAKE THE LAND BY DEATH TO SELF.

Seasonal Changes


The season has turned from winter to spring, It's a time to renew a time to begin,

Most oft' it's a time when we look to plant seed, A time to till soil, 

A time to prepare, A time to purposefully decide what to sow, But is it?

I hear a still small voice declare, "It is time to harvest, It's a time to gather,

It's a time to call in the harvesters, A time that really matters, It's a time longed for,

A time also feared, For the Harvest is Plentiful and the Laborers few,

Get out there my people and gather a few."

Hidden Under a Bushel or Exposed for all to See

January 17, 2021

Winter's blast has plastered everything brightening up the landscape all around,

Underneath the snow-covered trees is the truth that is now hidden from view,

Thought provokes me to say, 'We are dressed in fine array,

But what, Oh what is hidden underneath that finery so grand?',

Is there yet a more beautiful sight, Or damaged goods that hold no light?

We can all put on our finest clothes and style our silken hair, 

But in fact and in truth it is what is underneath that needs to be seen,

So we know who's really there,

Let out the Glory of the Lord and let Christ shine out through the fine array,

Display what great things He has done for you,  Making you shine so bright and clear,

Especially when His love is shining through.

                                     -- Barbara's thoughts for life


January 16, 2021

You are thinking it is set in stone, very difficult or impossible to change.  Rethink that.  God would say to you today circumstances, and life is like a wave crashing in and crashing out, or gently flowing through.  You can be the change maker by following God's plan for your life, living each day as guided by the Spirit of the Living God.  Nothing is really set in stone but God's Word.  That does not change and it will never be moved.  If you think about a stone over time it can wear down, break, be crushed or cracked.  But when you stand on the SOLID ROCK, JESUS CHRIST, you are on firm, unwavering, unchangeable ground.  You do not have to guess whether He will be there, He is, just waiting for you. 

From Dream to Fulfillment

January 7, 2021

If you are seeing this word, it is for you.   Sometimes we wonder if that could be true.  I tell you you have not stumbled across or purposefully entered this page without it being pertinent to your life.  God would have you know that in this day and in this moment He has purposed that what you are contemplating has potential.  It feels like a pipe dream, but in fact it is full of potential.  Begin to expound upon it and see if it flows forth like a river one inspiration after another to bring it forth.  Go ahead, test it out and see.  It does not need to remain unaccomplished, just put your hand to the plow and see what the Lord can do through you in this for it is Him that has placed the dream in you.



Today, I want to speak to the you that has not been developed yet.  You have been moving forward, but still find yourself held back.  Life has thrown hurdles at you that make you want to quit, or in some cases even hide.  This day I would say to you it is time to press in.  You are made take the mountain.  God has given you the strength jump over that hurdle.  You are an overcomer, speak it out, You are an overcomer.  Let that truth permeate you and move you forward not to the back of the closet where you want to hide, but on to the other side.

New Year - New Beginning


Keeping the Hope alive,  Taking each moment and making it thrive,

The clock ticks merrily onward,  Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc,

No it wasn't the mouse who ran up the clock,

It was the sound of eternity drawing nigh,  It's closeness gave pause,

Gave pause to the random actions of your life, And found you making more precise decisions,

Did you hear the clock ticking merrily on, Did you go with it's ticking and make it count,

If not, do not fret, Right now you still have time, 

It is a new beginning for you to surmount, The obstacles that stand in your way.




Each day as we walk along there are choices to make, and schedules to keep.  What we do in these times reflects how we are doing life on planet earth.  This is not our heavenly home, but for now, it is where the Lord of Creation has planted us.  Walk each day with purpose as we are allotted only a short number of days to accomplish what is His desire for our lives.  Some days it might seem mundane, but truthfully each moment has a purpose.  Each purpose leads to the bigger plan, it tests and proves and should spur us on.  Let it mold you, let it establish you, and let it make of you all God has planned for you.  Delight yourself in Him and joy will fill your heart.  Delight yourself in Him and follow His lead for the day.  Step into the path and not away for in the path the joy of fulfillment is found, and the destination is grounded and sure.  Be the apple of His eye.

Hope for the Future


The New Year approaches and with it new hopes, thoughts of peace, thoughts of the future.  We have navigated some pretty rugged terrain this year.  The path was filled with many places that were designed to trip us up.  God was with us through it all cheering us on and calling us into a path of purity/holiness.  He has built in us a heavenly standard and has desired us to come up higher.  Live as He lived, walk as He walked.  This coming year looks like a bit more of the same, but still hope springs eternal (because it is, glory!).  There is shift coming.  Revival fires are burning.  There is a wind stirring that will cause the flames to rage across the land.  The people of God are about to stand up and be counted, weapons of warfare polished and shined and ready to take back what the enemy has stolen.  We are ready to be the people of God who live by His standard.  Under His banner of love we will seize the opportunities God gives us and not shirk our duty before our King.  Be BOLD in this season and be STRONG for the Lord is with you!

The Time is Now


Sweet notes of a new day, Can you hear it in the air,

Flowing in chorus, The sound fills the atmosphere,

Rhythmic tones and twinkling sound,

Strums of birds and strums of boughs,

Winters here and so too have come the deer,

The woodlands teeming with life,

And the heartbeat of the land is heard

melodiously ringing its tune.

So to the time of His coming, The time we have waited for,

His return, His open arms, His trumpet blast that rings around

the earth,

Open up your doors, open up your windows,

Listen His return is very near, listen and do not faint,

Open wide your mouth and sound the blast,

Let His voice be heard, And let His heart be felt,

Those who wait in darkness need to know,

Let the melodious sound of life come forth,

And spread it to all mankind, "Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves"

Practicing Life


Have you been practicing life, or living it?  There is a vast difference.  When we practice life we are actually not living, but rather in an effort to live we keep going, doing what we need to do because that is what we've always done.  And if we do not do it, are we still alive?  Good question.  If you are feeling like this you are probably going through some very troubled waters and need some help getting to the other side where you can begin to live again.  I encourage you today, God understands this and is mindful of you.  He is praying for you as you keep trying to live.  Can you feel His arms around you now as He whispers in your ear, " I will guide you through, just let go while I help you to the other side.  I came to give you life, and that more abundantly.  The cares of life that weigh you down should be placed on me.  For I have bought and paid for each one so you could be set free.   'Come all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you now and learn of me, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.'"  (Matt. 11:28-30)  

Living life should be filled with His joy and peace and not weigh you down.  Let us begin anew to lay our burdens down.  Walk in the light, and with vigor and energy fulfill the life you have been called to.  God is here for you, right now, just reach out, and let Him take the load.

Be Encouraged


Be encouraged dear ones, the Lord your God is with you.  We are in troubled times, but you don't need to be caught up in it.

The Lord is with us and is watching over us in a way that we can trust.  When we trust Him the peace that He talks about in His Word wells up within us and it passes all understanding.  I believe the Lord is encouraging us today to stay close to Him.  Lean into Him.  Draw from His treasure-house which meets all our needs no matter what they are.  Maybe it feels like He is far, away but He is right there by your side.  TRUST HIM, His heart is for you and His plans are for your good.  Wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength, KEY WAIT!  WAIT, when you feel like trying to work things out on your own, WAIT until you hear from Him the plan.  This is a time we need to draw from the wellspring that lies within us.  Let it well up and overflow.  The Spirit that is in you is able to guide you through this time without being laid low.  He has desires His people to to find their source in Him, not a world gone made.  He is our strength, healer, companion, friend, helper, provider and so much more than we can even begin to imagine.  TRUST HIS HEART for you.

The Army


Part of a great army, A force to be reckoned with,

Your armor of the finest materials, For they are heaven given,

The belt of truth put on with care, and cover up the mind with wholesome thoughts,

and hope filled focus that does not undermine,

Be sure to darn righteousness, For without it you have not got a chance,

Walk in peace and love, and in joy take your stance, 

Now do not forget the double-edged sword that cuts away the lies, 

It's the Word of God, And it has life to break them off,

It pierces the heart to hit the mark, Changing hearts and souls.

Each piece put on with care, 

And lastly do not forget your cloak of LOVE to show people that you care.

Walk in truth, walk in peace, walk in love, and walk in joy.  Do not forget that the hope of the world lies within you and the Kingdom of God needs to be released.  It is this that will bring transformation to a land that is perishing, and a people that have no life.

Arms Open Wide


Open wide the arms, Welcome in the wandering soul,

You yourself was once one, Remember to be kind to those you do not know.

As my heart reflects today, I hear, "What you have done to the least of the my brethren you have done to me."  How have you been treating the lost world around you.  Arms open wide should be our stance.  The arms of hope, the arms of love, the arms of comfort, and of acceptance.  

In a world that seems to have gone mad, you are the one light that can turn the tide.  With God's peaceful calm, with His assuring words spoken through His children a heart, and soul can be quieted and turned around.  Remember we who have received Christ Jesus are all sinners saved by grace.  It is that same grace that God will use through you to love a fallen world.  

I encourage you this day to open wide your arms and invite the sin-sick soul into the fellowship of Christ's love and peace.  Be the example of Christ to someone today.  Remember, please, tomorrow is not promised us, but we do have time in this moment, make the most of each one you are given and help a person in need along the way.  

The Trumpet


The trumpet is about to blast,

What you have known is soon to pass,

Be ready, Be steady, and do not look back,

For the Light of the world is very near,

Is your light trimmed? Is is burning bright?

Is the fire of His presence blazing in the dark land?

Open hearts, Open souls

Living life in His life giving flow,

No time to waste, No time to put on hold,

You are made for this, Let your gifting move,

You are made to reach a higher goal,

You are made to rescue the perishing soul,

Look up, gain strength to hit the mark,

The mark of the high calling of God upon your life,

You are well able, Take a deep breath,

And begin to move, and begin to fulfill the purpose

you were created for right now.

No time to waste!  Get busy and complete the purposes you were called to!


Dec. 10, 2020

I encourage you today, God has been watching you and He sees all the wonderful things you are doing to promote His Kingdom here on earth.  The fullness of His glory, though not revealed in you completely, is burning brightly.  Be encouraged my child and know "I AM" sees and knows how faithfully you have labored.  You took what little you had and gave it to me, and it has now become a powerful weapon against the kingdom of darkness.  Keep shining, your work shall be a great testimony before mankind.

Time Capsule

Dec. 9, 2020

There is a trumpet about to blast, the Lord is at hand,

The time has lapsed, And you must choose,

Whom you will serve, Who did you choose?

If Christ you will never lose, If Christ you will never lose,

I hear the Savior's cry, Choose me and you won't die,

I will keep all that you give me safe until the end,

It won't be long and I will call my people home, 

Choose Life! Live well! Escape the fires of hell!

The Eyes of the Lord

Dec. 8, 2020

Psalm 34: 14Depart from evil and do good;

            Seek peace and pursue it.

      15The eyes of the LORD are toward the righteous
            And His ears are open to their cry.

      16The face of the LORD is against evildoers,
            To cut off the memory of them from the earth.

      17The righteous cry, and the LORD hears
            And delivers them out of all their troubles.

      18The LORD is near to the brokenhearted
            And saves those who are crushed in spirit.

      19Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
            But the LORD delivers him out of them all.

      20He keeps all his bones,
            Not one of them is broken.  


                                                      What a promise we have in Him.  He is speaking this today to reassure you that

                                                     He sees you, He hears you, He delivers you, and saves you.  He is their to comfort

                                                     and strengthen you.  You have His strength in you, draw from it.   Remember whose you are.

                                                    Today allow the fruits that are in you to come forth and quicken you in all that you are facing.

God is With You

Dec. 7, 2020

Talk to me, Talk to me,

Can you hear the master's cry,

I am here, I am here,

My heart for you is full,

Did you know My plans for you are great?

Here my voice whisper in your heart,

Lift up your voice and sing,

Unto the King of Kings,

For even in this present darkness I have all the Power,

All the Power you will ever need to make it through,

All the Power you will ever need,

Be faithful  and be true, And I will see you through,

Lean on me and not on your own understanding.  (Proverbs 3:5)

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